Freeze Your Fat Cells Away!!

Discover a slimmer, more sculpted you with Fat Freezing, the revolutionary non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Say goodbye to stubborn pockets of fat that resist diet and exercise, and embrace a new level of confidence. Fat Freezing targets and freezes fat cells, allowing your body to naturally eliminate them over time.

With no surgery, no needles, and no downtime, you can resume your daily activities right after treatment.

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What’s is Fat Freezing?

Fat Freezing is a cutting-edge, non-surgical fat reduction treatment designed to help you achieve a more sculpted and contoured body. This innovative procedure utilizes advanced cooling technology to target and freeze stubborn fat cells in specific areas such as the abdomen, thighs, love handles, and more.

As the fat cells are crystallized, your body’s natural processes gradually eliminate them, resulting in a noticeable reduction of fat and a slimmer appearance over time. Fat Freezing offers a non-invasive solution to help you reach your body goals with confidence. Step into the world of modern body contouring and discover the incredible benefits of Fat Freezing today.


Say goodbye to stubborn fat:

Fat Freezing is a game-changer in the battle against stubborn fat. By precisely targeting problem areas, such as love handles or belly bulges, this non-invasive treatment freezes and destroys fat cells, enabling your body to naturally eliminate them over time.

No surgery, no downtime:

Unlike traditional liposuction or surgical procedures, Fat Freezing is entirely non-surgical, eliminating the need for incisions or anesthesia. This means you can experience impressive fat reduction without the associated downtime or recovery period.

Safe and effective:

Fat Freezing has earned a reputation as a safe and effective fat reduction method. Approved by the FDA, this cutting-edge technology precisely targets fat cells without causing damage to surrounding tissues, with a record of millions of successful treatments.

Personalized treatment for targeted results:

Fat Freezing offers a personalized approach to body contouring, allowing you to address your specific areas of concern. During your consultation, a skilled practitioner will work with you to create a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique body shape and goals.

Long-lasting results to boost your confidence:

One of the most appealing benefits of Fat Freezing is its long-lasting results. Once the treated fat cells are eliminated from your body, they are gone for good. As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the fat in the treated areas will not return.

After our ‘Fat Freezing’ treatment, you’ll:

Have an improved body contour:

As the fat cells are targeted and eliminated, you will experience a more contoured and sculpted appearance in the treated areas.

Have natural-looking results:

The gradual fat reduction process ensures that the results appear natural, avoiding any sudden or drastic changes to your appearance.

Have an increased self-confidence:

With improved body contours and the elimination of stubborn fat, you'll likely experience a boost in self-confidence and feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Have a long-lasting transformation:

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the results of Fat Freezing can be long-lasting, providing you with a sustainable solution for fat reduction.

Myths About Fat Freezing:

Fat freezing is the same as weight loss surgery.

Fat freezing is not a surgical procedure like liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. It is a non-surgical fat reduction method that does not involve incisions or general anesthesia.

Fat freezing can harm internal organs.

Fat freezing targets only the fat cells beneath the skin, leaving surrounding tissues and organs unharmed. The procedure is designed to be safe and effective when performed by trained professionals.

Fat freezing is a risky procedure with potential side effects.

Fat Freezing is an FDA-approved and non-invasive procedure with a strong safety profile. While some patients may experience mild and temporary side effects like redness, swelling, or bruising, serious complications are rare.

Fat freezing is a painful and uncomfortable procedure.

Fat freezing is considered a relatively comfortable procedure by most patients. During the treatment, you may experience a sensation of intense cold initially, but it usually subsides within a few minutes as the area becomes numb.

Fat freezing can cause skin sagging or irregularities.

Fat freezing is a controlled and precise procedure that targets only the fat cells beneath the skin. It does not cause skin sagging or irregularities when performed by a qualified and experienced practitioner.

Fans of Cryo Haus:

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“I have always had such a hard time toning my stomach area. That little stubborn fat just wouldn’t go away with diet and excercise. Cryo Haus has changed my stomach for the better! After two treatments, I lost 2 inches! I have gone a couple more times and continue to lose inches. My stomach and (welcome back) abs have never looked better. My confidence has grown and I can’t thank Cryo Haus enough. I highly recommend this treatment!”
“I did Cryo Slimming on my lower abdomen to help get rid of that stubborn post-baby fat. I saw a huge difference after the second treatment. My stomach is flatter and I’m excited to see more results as I continue with the treatments. Loving my results!”
“I’ve always been self conscious about the fat and cellulite on my legs and butt and always uncomfortable in a bathing suit. Now that I’ve had these treatments I am sooooo happy and confident in my entire body! My skin looks tight and smooth and it’s motivated me to take care of my body now from the inside out.”
“I can’t believe cellulite I have had since I was in high school is disappearing! My skin feels so much smoother and lighter. Finally there is a technology that actually works and it’s quick and painless. I’m so happy with my results!”