Whole Body Cryotherapy

State of the art equipment brings your body temperature down to near freezing temperatures for incredible results

Snow Flake

Burn up to 800 calories, destroy fat and cellulite, produce collagen, and reduce pain and inflammation in under three minutes. Cryo Science developed a true whole body “Arctic” chamber that enables clients to experience benefits from their head to their toes. Exposure to ultra-low temperatures trigger beneficial effects in the body and brain. In addition to accelerating weight loss, the body’s natural reaction to cold therapy causes improved circulation, increased energy, better sleep and improved mood.

Biohack your Body

Biohack your body to impact health and weight loss. Cryotherapy supports and improves your body’s natural functions; accelerates your immune system, increases your metabolism and improves your mental well-being.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

At Cryo Haus we use a whole body walk-in Arctic Chamber. The Arctic Chamber uses a nitrogen system that reaches temperatures of -140 °F to -220 °F and is the most accurate machine on the market in measuring the chambers temperatures. The nitrogen vapors chill the chamber without making contact with the client, allowing them to experience the benefits of cryotherapy on their head, neck, and face, in addition to their whole body. Risk free.

Feel the Rush

Clients experience a rush of endorphins and energy after just 3 minutes in our Whole Body Arctic Chamber. Come feel the rush!