Cryo Ass

Lift, Shape and eliminate Cellulite for the perfect Ass

Snow Flake

Thermal Shock technology gives long-term results that make trouble spots a lot less troubling. The science of thermal shock works through the concentrated application of heat and cold to destroy fat cells on your backside. Benefits include removal of fluids in the legs and buttocks, strengthening of lose skin and stimulated blood circulation. The process results in a higher, tighter, and smoother ass.

Customer Review

“I’ve always been self conscious about the fat and cellulite on my legs and butt and always uncomfortable in a bathing suit. Now that I’ve had these treatments I am soooo happy and confident in my entire body! My skin looks tight and smooth and it’s motivated me to take care of my body now from the inside out.” -A.S.

Customer Review

“I can’t believe it, cellulite I have had since I was in high school is disappearing! My skin feels so much smoother and tighter. Finally there is a technology that actually works and it’s quick and painless. I’m so happy with my results!” -E.P.

Ready for Results?

Post Treatment

Once you’ve undergone a Cryo Ass Treatment, it’s important to perform one of the following immediately after the treatment to optimize your results and keep your lymphatic system flowing smoothly:

• Perform a vigorous 30 minute workout
• Have the treated area massaged