Cryo Skin Tightening

Produce collagen and regain elasticity to get back your firm, youthful skin

Snow Flake

Our award-winning Cryo T-Shock machine performs thermal shock by alternating between hot and cold temperatures. The thermal shock triggers deep layers of collagen resulting in regained elasticity and tighter skin. Whether you are looking to tighten skin from aging, pregnancy, or rapid weight loss, this treatment will work wonders for your skin.

Customer Review

“I was so impressed with the results I’m receiving on my arm and tummy fat. I am 69 years old and have had stubborn fat for the last 5-10 years. In just two treatments, I have more confidence and feel better in my clothes.” -B.R.

Snow Flake

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Finding new techniques that can improve your life, look, health and mental well-being is what body hacking is all about. Come see why biohackers are buzzing about Cryotherapy machines.

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At Cryo Haus we empower people of all ages to look and feel their best.

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