Cryo Cellulite

Non-invasive treatment of tissue to break down fat cells and smooth your trouble spots.

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Approximately 80% of women suffer from cellulite. Cellulite is persistent fat that binds together and causes dimpling of the skin. Cryotherapy reduces fatty deposits by using thermal shock to eliminate bonds holding those deposits together. The results leave you with smoother, tighter skin.

Visible results after a few treatments

Say goodbye to those bumpy trouble spots! Say hello to smooth, healthy skin.

Snow Flake

Customer Review

“I can’t believe cellulite I have had since I was in high school is disappearing! My skin feels so much smoother and tighter. Finally there is a technology that actually works and it’s quick and painless. I’m so happy with my results!” -E.P.

Ready for Results?

Post Treatment

Once you’ve undergone a Cryo Cellulite treatment, it’s important to perform one of the following immediately after the treatment to optimize your results and keep your lymphatic system flowing smoothly:

• Perform a vigorous 30 minute workout
• Have the treated area massaged